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Our detectives in Romania investigate in private matters such as marital infidelity, calculation of child maintenance, custody battles, and many more kinds of issues as well as in corporate cases if, for example, you suspect your employee of false claims for wages or expenses or even of being involved with unfair competition: +49 30 555 786 41-0.

Private investigations in Romania and the entire Southeast Europe

Around 19.76 million inhabitants live in this country in Southeast Europe, close to the Black Sea, out of which about 1.9 million live in the capital city Bucharest (numbers from 2016). Tourism is a vital part of the Romanian economy; it includes the Black Sea coast, the Carpathian Mountains and, primarily, Transylvania which is, to a great part, located in the Carpathian Mountains (in German also called "Siebenbürgen"). In addition to this, Dracula-themed vacations and tours are offered which are activities favoured by the tourists. Sometimes, the one or other suspect that our private detectives in Romania monitor for our clients are among these visitors or the inhabitants. For instance, he or she is suspected of a "holiday affair", or someone wants to examine the ex-partner’s contact with their child.


The investigators of the Kurtz Detective Agency also follow up on cases that suggest that an ex-partner may be guilty of financial statement fraud during the reckoning of child maintenance or that said ex-partner may even be involved with illegal employment in Romania. Also, our renowned private detective agency for Romania investigates in cases of missing debtors or missing persons – for national and international clients. No matter what the matter is, we will provide our clients with a valid investigation report based on our minute surveillance and research at the end of our investigations. We will gladly inform you in detail in a non-binding informational interview about our investigation options in Romania and the respective fees for our services. Please, use our contact form for your request or give us a call at the above-mentioned number. 

Bran Castle; detective agency Romania, private investigator Romania, private detective Romania
Fortresses and castles like the Transylvanian Bran Castle near Brasov nurture the myth of the supposedly historical Dracula-related locations and thus boost the local tourism industry.

A strong economy brings along corporate crimes | Corporate detectives in Romania

Since 2004, Romania is part of the NATO and, since 2007, member of the EU. Germany and Italy are the main trade partners when it comes to Romania’s import and export. The country’s economic power is occasionally subject to a relatively high fluctuation and cannot always record a positive development. This can be illustrated with a few GDP numbers: In 2016, the GDP reached 187.04 billion dollars which was 15.36 billion dollars above the GDP of 2007 and 22.62 billion dollars below the GDP of 2008. Slow administrative procedures and a flawed infrastructure, for example, obstruct the economic growth. The wide range of the country’s economy make Romania an essential trade partner within Europe; it includes the manufacturing industry (mining, manufacturing of electronic machines, textile industry, chemical industry, woodworking, automotive industry, and the pharmaceutical industry), the service sector (transport, healthcare system, hotel and food service industry) as well as mining and export of natural resources (natural gas, petroleum, coal, and salt).


The country’s multi-faceted economy also brings with it highly diverse corporate crimes, including delicts committed by employees, the competition or third parties. Fraudulent sick leave, sabotage, false claims for expenses, warehouse thievery, bribery and data theft by employees cause recurring enormous financial damage – and not only that. Delicts committed by third parties such as unpaid purchases, burglary and cargo theft as well as espionage activities of the – national or international – competition constitute a threat to a company. Unfortunately, in a country where corruption and abuse of position are the order of the day, all the doors stand open for corporate crimes.


Thanks to an excellent and varied pool of experience in the field of professional corporate investigations, our private detective agency for Romania will be able to work efficiently, even under unfavourable circumstances, and to identify and convict a suspect of a corporate crime. Here, our long-standing contacts with other detective agencies and informants – on a nationwide and international level – make for a valuable backup and support. We will gladly investigate your case and advise you in an initial informative interview on case-specific investigation options and the respective fees for our operations abroad (different from domestic operations): +49 30 555 786 41-0.

Bucharest; investigation firm Romania, private investigator Bucharest, detective agency Bucharest
Bucharest is by far the largest city in Romania (six times as big as the second largest city, Cluj-Napoca) and is, on many levels, the Romanian Centre per se.

Examples for areas of operation in Romania:

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*Please note: All operations of Kurtz Investigations Berlin are executed and billed from the Rykestraße in Berlin. The other operating cities and regions advertised on this domain are neither local branches nor permanent establishments of the Kurtz Detective Agency, if not explicitly stated differently. We can offer you affordable travelling expense flat-rates nationwide. The same applies for traveling to a wide range of areas abroad. When operating in the countryside, the cost evaluation starts from the next greater city. You can find further information on our fees here, and on operating areas here.