Counter Surveillance & Anti-Eavesdropping

In Germany, public forces are allowed to secretly install surveillance technology in the flats, houses and business premises of German citizens since January 16th 1998. Furthermore, other nations carry on economic espionage, impropriate technologies and know-how, for which you had spent years of research, in no time. Competitors carry on aggressive industrial espionage, hide bugs, micro-cameras and else in your premises.


Our highly experienced specialists analyse your premises with the uttermost precision - square centimeter per square centimeter. We put an end to unfair competition.

After the completion of our analysis and the removal of all unwished-for monitoring technology we are on hand with help and advice to improve your defence mechanisms.


Due to the enormous technical expense of professional counter surveillance our fees for this service differ significantly from our standard list:


  • price per m²: 31 €
  • For objects smaller than 150 m² we apply the base rate of 150 m². 

Counter Surveillance Berlin